Time to play!

I didn't see PW: Trials and Tribulations at the local game shop today. I was sad TAT. Oh well... Zelda Phantom Hourglass shall keep me company for now.


Kristoph & Apollo

Having some fun with Mr. Fork-Brows again :D~


WIP it good.


Waiting for Godot[s] - PW3 spoilers


[all done on the oekaki programs at 2draw.net]


[Edit - until I find a place that lets me put up NSFW material, the pr0n will have to wait.]

No fanart site is ever complete without some prawn! Just in case no one got the joke.... Porn = pr0n = prawn [HAHAH... haha....ha.] The following have been mostly done for friends or for the lulz. So yeah, if you're not 18 or older, NO CLICKIES! Not like that stopped anyone before, but you've been warned :0!

Enjoy the seafood... [*drumroll]


Phoenix / Miles:
  • I have nothing.
Franziska / Adrian:
  • I have nothing.

[DISCLAIMER: Don't take those too seriously. Boredom and curiosity and peer pressure do horrible things to the human mind >_>... I won't be surprised if any of these showed up on 4chan]



Hello Kitty~!

Doing this image actually inspired me to write fanfiction for the first time XD. I'll post it up once it's all done <3.

C-R oekaki 05

C-R oekaki 04

Whootages! More random lawlilicous goodness~!

C-R oekaki 03 [Oktoberfest edition]

One thinks Oktoberfest, one thinks of beer and sausages!

C-R oekaki 02

C-R oekaki 01

C-R oekaki dump of random whootilicious madness!
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